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Peter, Week 3

November 25, 2013 by AppleHW

November 18

well no pictures today, but the ride was smooth. A friend called me as I entered Chattanooga to tell me I had a couch for the night. sweet girl just trying to find her way like the rest of us. It is amazing to me how no matter where I go people are pretty much the same. And they’re mostly good. So, its my third day out from Knoxville and my body aches. My legs are screaming and I cant wait to get to Huntsville for a two night stay and some time to rest. Of course the ride out of Chattanooga looks to be a lot of up hill. Oh well. cant all be down hill.

November 21


Found some trains for ken to play with. Long ride today. 47 miles. But finally made it to Huntsville. A day early no less. I get to rest for two days now and see the Space and rocket Centre. Dont worry I’ll take plenty of pictures there.

November 23

space camp

So, I made it to huntsville to see the space and rocket center. Really cool. Even seeing the Apollo rocket up close its still hard to get a feel for just how hugh the thing is. Towers well over three hundred feet with 5 massive engines. They also had an Da vinci exhibition. Absolutely beautiful. Definitely worth the time to see this place. Its a testament to what man can accomplish when we become focused on a single goal. I truly hope to see men on mars in my life. Maybe we can reach for the stars again ,instead of our guns.

One good thing is I did still get to make a new friend.The neighborhood cat. Cute little guy, friendly. Greets me in the morning for attention then stops by before dark to see if I have a little snack for him. Well, of course I have to give him something. I’ll be heading down to new hope in the morning. Its going to be a cold one here too. 23 in the morning with wind chills at 5. Thats the stinging kind of cold. Wish me luck. P.

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