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How Regenerative Medicine Can Fix Your Chronic Knee Pain

September 5, 2018 by Chris Gerard

Experiencing long-term pain and sensitivity in one or both of your knees? Struggling to get up or down stairs? Are everyday tasks becoming more difficult to accomplish because of constant pain if your knees?

You’re not alone: Thousands of Americans suffer from chronic knee pain just like you. While age is a major factor leading to knee pain, it is a condition that can affect people of all ages and for a variety of reasons.

Chronic knee problems are different than short-term knee injuries, as the latter condition will go away with treatment and is usually only caused by one accident or injury. Meanwhile, chronic knee pain usually is caused by numerous conditions or illnesses and doesn’t always go away with treatment.

Some of the most common causes of chronic knee pain include osteoarthritis, bursitis, tendinitis, meniscus tear, and rheumatoid arthritis. Commonly referred to as “wear-and-tear arthritis,” osteoarthritis in the knee is one of the leading causes of disability in the U.S.

Dealing with Knee Pain Caused by Osteoarthritis

Chronic knee pain affects everyone differently. However, if you are suffering from osteoarthritis or a similar condition, you likely are experiencing stiffness, swelling, shooting pain, dull burning, and the decreased ability to move. Other symptoms may include popping or crunching noises, inability to straighten the knee, weakness, and redness and warmth to the touch.

As there is no cure for arthritis and osteoarthritis occurs when the cushioning between joints wears away, it is important not to avoid the symptoms and seek out medical help before your condition worsens. There might not be a cure, but it is possible to receive some relief from your chronic pain.

While you can take anti-inflammatory drugs, ice your knees, and avoid over exerting your joints to minimize discomfort, you should always seek out professional medical advice when it comes to chronic knee pain. Don’t try to treat this condition at home.

In regards to prevention, it’s important to note that individuals who are overweight or obese are at a greater risk for developing chronic knees problems. To reduce your chances of being affected by this condition, maintain a healthy weight through low-impact exercise and healthy eating.

Other factors that contribute to chronic knee pain include age, previous traumas or injury, and athletic activity. While you cannot avoid natural aging or accidental injuries, be smart about your exercise routine and participate in exercises that promote flexibility and strength building,

When to See Us

Please call your doctor if you suspect you may be developing osteoarthritis and cannot bear weight on your knee, have noticeably knee swelling, cannot extend your leg at the knee, or if your knee feels unstable or unusually weak.

Get serious about find a lasting solution to your knee problems. If you are suffering from chronic knee pain, you cannot experience relief and start to recover until you receive a proper diagnosis and treatment plan. For this reason, contact a specialist at the Apple Healthcare Group office to set up a knee evaluation today!

Regenerative Treatment Options

If you are in the early stages of arthritis of the knee, your condition will be treated with nonsurgical and noninvasive methods, which may include physical therapy, weight loss, pain relievers, and changes in activity level.  

Another common and highly effective treatment method is viscosupplementation, where a medical professional will inject a gel-like fluid called hyaluronic acid into the knee joint. This acid is naturally occurring in the fluid surrounding your joints, so it will act as a lubricant to allow your bones to move from smoothly and with less pain. Osteoarthritis causes lower levels of hyaluronic acid in the joints, so replacing this fluid may promote more knee mobility and less pain.

Chronic knee pain is not something you should live with! Come see us today to seek relief and improve your quality of life. To make your appointment today, call us at(865) 769-9685. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, or subscribe to our Newsletter for more information during Regenerative Medicine Month.

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