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Food Sensitivities

July 8, 2014 by AppleHW

More than 2000 years ago the Roman poet and philosopher, Lucretius expressed what we consider the basic concept for the Alcat test. He said, “What is food to one man may be bitter poison to others.” Now more than ever, diet plays a critical role in preventing a wide range of degenerative diseases and premature aging.

The immune system is a double-edged sword. It should react appropriately and protect against infection when confronted with harmful invaders or “infectious agents” like viruses or bacteria. Unfortunately for some, exposure to common foods, chemicals, molds and herbs, may trigger chronic activation of the immune system.

In our office we use the Alcat test, a tool for managing a wide variety of conditions linked to inflammation and chronic activation of the immune system, such as:
•Digestive Disorders
•Chronic Fatigue
•Aching Joints
•Skin Disorders
•Autoimmune Disease
•And many more…

Common, everyday problems like migraines, aching joints, fatigue, gastrointestinal disorders, eczema, hyperactivity, ADD, asthma and even obesity have been linked to food sensitivity and chronic activation of the immune system.

If you think you or someone you know suffers from food sensitivities, we offer a simple test that will give you all the answers you need. We can test you for up to 325 common foods and chemicals. The test uses a blood sample to analyze your body’s response to different foods. It measures changes in size and volume of white blood cells in response to outside challenges with foods, chemicals and other environmental stimuli. Then, we give you a report showing the severity of your sensitivity to different foods and nutritional guidelines that consider your body’s reaction to certain foods.

This test is available for individuals of all ages. It is great for testing children because it does not require a scratch test or an elimination diet to determine sensitivities. It is a simple blood draw done in our office.

Many people go their whole lives living with a food allergy or intolerance. We do not want that kind of lifestyle for our patients. Those who have had their food sensitivities tested and treated report feeling more energetic, healthy, and suffer from fewer illnesses and pains; they lose weight easier, have a more balanced digestive system, and find they have a better quality of life.

If you are interested in testing, contact our office at 865.691.3155 or attend our ALCAT information session on August 13th from 6:30-8:00 at Pinnacle Bank on N. Northshore Drive.

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