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Energy Solutions for the Daily Grind

February 10, 2015 by AppleHW

This time of year can be a real energy drain. The temperatures are colder and the days are shorter so many people resort to staying indoors. Many people report feeling lethargic, depressed, and stressed this time of year. If you feel like these cold winter days are getting the best of you, we have several solutions in our office that can help to boost energy and get you back in action.

1. Vitamin D with Fish Oil- During the winter one of the biggest causes of fatigue is Vitamin D deficiency. We get most of our Vitamin D from the sun but if you do not have access to lots of sunlight, a supplement can help to replenish your Vitamin D levels. We encourage our patients to use OmegAvail™ Ultra with Vitamin D3, K1 & K2. The body absorbs Vitamin D better when it is combined with fish oil helping you to get your daily requirement of this important vitamin. I would include the benefits of the K vitamins too!

2. Sleep Test- One of the most important factors for increased energy is making sure you are getting quality sleep at night. Many people suffer from sleep disorders that can reduce the quality of sleep and the amount of time you spend in restorative sleep. We offer a home sleep test that can give you valuable information about your sleep cycle. With this test, we can also identify problem areas while you are sleeping that might keep you from getting quality rest.

3. B-12 Injection- B-12 is an important vitamin that can naturally be found in meat and fish. However, a large percentage of the population is not getting enough B-12. This vitamin is used by your body to increase metabolism and energy, boost the immune system, and regulate blood supply. B-12 injections are one of the most effective ways to start feeling more energized today due to faster absorption than traditional OTC oral B12. The injection releases the vitamin directly into the blood stream so you don’t lose vital parts of the vitamin.

4. Anti-inflammatory Diet- Food is fuel and if you’re not eating the right foods, you might not feel like your normal energetic self. Inflammatory foods that contain nitrates/nitrites, unrefined carbs, and white sugar are especially bad for reducing energy levels in excess amounts. Our nurse practitioners are trained to help you make easy changes to your diet that will help you feel alive and alert. We also offer the Alcat test, a food sensitivity test that can identify foods that are draining your energy and immune system.

5. Get Regular Adjustments- Your spine is more than just a stack of bones. It is also the central highway for your nervous system. When your body is out of alignment, your muscles tense and contract making it very hard for your musculoskeletal and nervous systems to function optimally. By repositioning the joints to their proper place, the muscles relax and energy can flow freely through your body which is why many of you have reported feeling a burst of energy after your adjustments.

6. 10 Minutes of Exercise-Of course, our office always believes that a well-structured exercise regimen is the best case scenario for patients to find optimal wellness. However, if you can squeeze in ten minutes of exercise, the increase in blood flow and heart rate gives you more energy by the released endorphins which can improve your overall mood. Try getting ten minutes of walking on a lunch break or squeeze in a ten minute YouTube workout video. Your energy level will be instantly elevated.

7. Get your Hormones Tested- Sometimes chronic fatigue is more complicated. If you’ve tried all of the solutions above, you may want to consider a metabolic hormone panel. Your hormones play a huge role in how you feel overall. If you feel like nothing helps raise your energy levels, this panel can give you some insights into why you’re fatigued.

As you can see, our office is well-equipped to help you restore your energy and fight the winter blues. If you would like more information about any of these services, contact our office. Our team can get you back on your feet.

Written by Hope Ealey

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