Peripheral Neuropathy and Cold Laser



Peripheral Neuropathy, or the numbness and pain caused by nerve damage in the hands and feet, can be caused by many factors. When the blood supply to the nerve is affected, the nerve fibers that are responsible for pain conduction are damaged and can cause a loss of sensation and create burning and tingling for the patient. This can occur in the hands and arms, but most commonly it is seen in the feet and legs.

Most treatments currently in use for neuropathy are geared towards treating the symptoms and not to cure the problem. These treatments help lessen the symptoms to make the disease more manageable for the patient; however, they usually involve prescription medications that mask the disease rather than treating it. Recent research has shown that Cold Laser Therapy can help treat the underlying causes of neuropathy and help with symptom management.

Cold Laser Therapy helps by actually stimulating microcirculation around the nerve fibers, which increases blood flow to the nerves and helps to heal and reduce neuropathic pain. Laser light energy penetrates the skin and stimulates increased oxygen on a cellular level. This increase in microcirculation around the nerve has been shown to help regenerate fibers and help heal peripheral nerves. Cold Laser Therapy is painless and has been proven to decrease neuropathy, decrease inflammation and aide in the healing of wounds and tendons.

-Written by Dr. Bradley Gipson, DPM


  1. Patricia Boxberger says:

    Is there a clinic in Joplin Mo that treats peripheral neuropathy with cold laser therapy? Or a clinic in Springfield Mo?

    • Hello,
      Unfortunately we do not know of any. We are located in Knoxville, TN and do not have any partners there. You can contact the Missouri State Chiropractor Association at and ask them for a chiropractor that does cold laser therapy. They should be able to connect you with someone. Thanks for your interest!

  2. cleo keif says:

    Is this the same as anodyne therapy?

    • Great question. Anodyne therapy is similar to cold laser; however, it uses infrared light to treat pain, stiffness, and circulatory issues. Cold laser is a newer, more effective technology that can better pinpoint trouble areas and help patients to heal faster.

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